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Bruce Flett's picture #3103 of the NLB tender Pharos in 1996, with the chopper about to land on the helipad, strongly appealed to me. It's straightforward and uncluttered, but obviously shot in dull weather - which almost always results in drab photos. So the inevitable happened: I had a bit of a go at it. It's open to question whether the slightly brighter outcome is any improvement.
Picture added on 20 March 2012 at 18:42
Yeh! I have tried to brighten up dull photos, but the always look, well, like someone had tried to brighten them up. I reckon that a photo is what happens when you let any sort of light into a camera - a moment in time. Stuff photoshop! Ha! Ha!
Added by Sandy on 21 March 2012
Stuff away Sandy! Obviously I don't fully agree with you. Cameras capture artificial images, not reality, and there's no logical reason why the artifice should end there - as the darkroom wizards of old would testify. Often the image manipulation, whether in the darkroom or the computer, is an attempt to reduce distortions produced by the camera. A difficulty with meddling with pics from OIL (apart from the risk of incurring the original photographer's wrath) is the relatively small number of pixels one has to play with. Try to 'improve' one thing and you may well spoil another. I'm not defending my version of Bruce's picture; I've had another good look, and the original is better.
Added by Ian Hourston on 22 March 2012
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