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Jim Robertson
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Jim Robertson

Memories were stirred by coming across picture #9480 on a random excursion. Not sure if I was actually at that 1955 SSW dance, but the band under any of its names (Stromness Dance Band, Debonaires, Robertson Band . . .) played an important part in my adolescence and early adulthood. I don't think we fully appreciated how lucky we were to have a band of such calibre to dance to in those days. And Jim continued to blow his horn at dances for another half-century and more.
This pic is a version of a photo that appeared in The Orcadian of 21 Feb 2008, by an unnamed photographer. I couldn't resist tampering with it at the time, and now, with my memory jogged by the 1955 pic, I'm submitting it to OIL in the hope (and belief) that no-one will turn awkward over copyright. (Jim himself has a mounted print.)
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Picture added on 19 March 2012 at 11:21
I played with Jim many times. He was a fine musician and a gentleman.
Added by Sandy on 20 March 2012
Still is, Sandy!
Added by Ian Hourston on 21 March 2012
Ian, our comments have been relayed to Jim - who is very ill in hospital. He was amused.
Added by Sandy on 14 April 2012
Thank you Sandy. It's good that he can manage a bit of amusement in his current predicament.
Added by Ian Hourston on 17 April 2012
Here Jim's playing tenor sax. In picture #9480 he's on his plastic alto (which if it still exists in playable condition will be quite a valuable article).
Anonymous comment added on 17 October 2015
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