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Go-carters, possibly Houton
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Go-carters, possibly Houton

Go Carters, 1960s possibly Houton
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Picture added on 06 October 2011 at 12:27
I would guess this was at Twatt Aerodrome. That is where go karting started in Orkney in the 60's
Added by Willie Watters on 06 October 2011
Twatt Aerodrome was the place for go karting in the 1960's. See the kirk in the background.
Added by Bill Stevenson on 06 October 2011
Think this is up at Twatt areodrome
Added by Martin Oag on 06 October 2011
Think thats the Twatt kirk and manse in the back ground
Added by Stewat Hutchison on 06 October 2011
Dont think this is Houton,Did they not do some of it up about Skea Brae area ???
Added by G.Scollay on 06 October 2011
This may be at the Twatt Drome with the Twatt Kirk and Manse in the background. I do remember going to some of the racing events that were held there.
Added by Ian Heddle on 07 October 2011
Go karting on the Twatt aerodrome Birsay with Twatt Kirk, Manse and Farm in the background. Earlier than 1969 - more likely about 1965.
Added by Tommy Matches on 07 October 2011
so is there any karting in Orkney today?
Added by John Riddle on 13 November 2011
There hasn't been karting in Orkney since the 1980's.
Added by Ian Tait on 14 November 2011
Is there anywhere else that could be considered for karting now? I would love for my son to get into this. Its a good way to entertain them and also to teach them that racing should remain on the track and not the public roads. I used to live beside Peterhead and young people would get wiped out on the roads on a monthly basis, cant help it would have been different if there had a been a facility they could have used.
Added by S. Morrice on 24 December 2011
John the go-carting stopped in the late 80s at Houton as a hotel was built on the track
Anonymous comment added on 06 April 2012
I think fifth from the left looks like Geordie Craigie. My uncle Dennis Grieve's brother-in-law. Dennis and I think also Billy Craigie both took part in the go carting in the 1960s.
Added by Beryl Simpson on 11 April 2012
Hi Beryl Jackie thinks by the appearance of it that it is his Go kart
Added by Marjorie Clouston on 09 May 2012
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