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Dignitaries on parade in about 1960
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Dignitaries on parade in about 1960

Dignitaries on parade in about 1960. Anyone remember what the occasion was? (An attempt to rescue something from a faded slide from a Kodak Bantam Colorsnap camera.)
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Picture added on 13 July 2011 at 17:53
I thought it was the 'Kirking o' the Council' - Kirkwall Town Council - but there are youth organisations on the Kirk Green. The Halberdiers are escorting and leading the procession, the Dean of Guild follows and it appears the Lord Lieutenant perhaps hiding the provost?)is between him and the Town Clerk.

Of those dressed in black and gold, I don't know the first one on the left, but would suggest the others from left to right are Jim Harrison, Harry MacKerron and Andy Wylie.

I also suggest they are coming from the Cathedral service as traditionally the Cooncil entered via the steps just visible between the Halberdiers.

Added by Josh Gourlay on 13 July 2011
The "Kirking of the Council" springs to mind.
Added by Anonymous 2 on 14 July 2011
Re first one (in back and gold). Possibly Tom Kelday?
Added by Fred Grieve on 15 July 2011
The Halberdiers - Tom Sclater and Bert Grieve?
Added by Fred Grieve on 15 July 2011
After the Halberdiers is the Provost in the red robe trimmed with ermine, with presumably the Lord Lieutenant by his side; then the Town Clerk in black gown and wig; then the Senior and Junior Bailies; then the Dean of Guild and Treasurer; then the Councillors. I think the Councillors robes were blue and gold, the colours of the Burgh of Kirkwall. The robes of the Provost, Town Clerk and Bailies were first acquired in 1937, those of the others later.
Added by Paul Sutherland on 21 July 2011
I stand corrected by Paul...the Provost after Halberdiers. I agree with Fred the Halberdiers would probably be Tom and Bert and the leading person in black and gold to be Tom Kelday.

Can I suggest the two in front of Tom Kelday to be Mrs Leitch and Dr Gordon? So, if Paul is correct, Georgina Leitch would have been the Dean of Guild.

But I still don't think it is a 'Kirking o' the Council' as the youth organisations didn't normally attend it and there are Scouts and BBs on the Kirk Green. And I don't think the Lord Lieutenant normally attended the Kirking either. Perhaps Paul could enlighten.

Added by Josh Gourlay on 22 July 2011
The tall gentleman on the extreme right of the picture looks like Mr J Donald Brown from Oglaby Stromness
Added by Anonymous 2 on 23 July 2011
Suggest man behind George Harrison is Sandy Heddle ex owner of Queens Hotel who was a member of the council around this time.No thoughts on likely ceremony.
Added by Jack Harcus on 26 July 2011
Didn't the BBs get new colours about that time? That ceremony involved the presentation and dedication of new colours by the company chaplain and the laying up of the old colours in the cathedral.

I was a member of the Life Boys about then and certainly attended such a ceremony.

This would certainly explain why both the council and youth organisations were in attendance.
Added by Fred Grieve on 27 July 2011
Added by GEORGE HARRISON. on 27 July 2011
Sorry I can't shed any light myself. I'd just emerged from somewhere - probably West Tankerness Lane - and found this ceremony taking place. I may have asked a passer-by what it was, but can't remember an answer. How's that for personal enterprise?
Added by Ian Hourston on 28 July 2011
That's almost certainly Georgina Leitch in from of Tom Kelday, Josh.

Could that be Edwin Eunson walking in front of her?
Added by Fred Grieve on 29 July 2011
Apologies for calling James Harrison George. Your name was on my mind. Glad to know u r still ticking over.
Added by Jack Harcus on 01 August 2011
I think Fred is right about Edwin although it is hard to tell.
Added by Jim Eunson on 02 August 2011
If it's George Harrison, it's probably Ringo Starr behind him!
Added by Dave Smith on 03 August 2011
Yes - the tall man far right is my grandfather - Donald Brown - Ogalby Stromness.

Added by Ivar Loseth on 10 January 2013
Anonymous's spelling of Oglaby is more accurate than Ivar's.
Added by Ian Hourston on 15 January 2013
Slip of the finger - Oglaby it is !!
Added by Ivar Løseth on 16 January 2013
Every surname has about 8 variant spellings.S pelling of surnames changes as people moved around. My own surname could be Harcus Arcus Hercus Harkness Harris etc. You take your choice.
Added by Jack Harcus on 20 January 2013
Donald Brown was Convenor of the Council at that time I think, the last Convenor of the OCC. Is this parade anything to do with the Royal Visit on 12th Aug 1960? Although the Lord Lieutenant, Bob Scarth, would have been accompanying HMQ at that event, or is it another DL in the parade perhaps.
Added by Chris Macrae on 04 March 2013
Not enough spectators for the 1960 Royal Visit.
Added by Jim Eunson on 10 March 2013
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