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Mystery object
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Mystery object

Mystery object. Photo taken 1995.
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Picture added on 11 March 2011 at 11:39
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Mystery places or things or people
The street depicted should be a clue to the place and the 'sword piercing the heart' (from a Biblical text) might offer the name of the building....

Added by Dave Dawson on 13 March 2011
High time all you hordes of punters, still racking your brains over this, were put out of your misery. It's the fine stained-glass windows of the Pisky Kirk in Stromness or, to give it its proper name, the Scottish Episcopalian Church of St Mary The Virgin. I'm sure there's a story attached to these windows, but I don't know it.
Added by Ian Hourston on 01 April 2011
The windows were designed and made by Shona MacInnes in 1993. The image on the right with the 'winged ox' (being the symbol of St. Luke - patron saint of medical doctors) below which one can see a medical bag, stethoscope and 'caring hands' is a clue to its dedication, namely Dr. Richard Petrie, GP in Stromness for over 30 years.Also in the frame is a Stromness street scene with the hills of Hoy. The other frame is a dedication to the church's patron, St. Mary the Virgin (the symbols being the white lily of purity, a rose without thorns and the Biblical prophecy(when the infant Jesus was presented in the Temple - the words being that of the old priest Simeon) that a sword would pierce her heart - a reference to the crucifixion. A crescent moon (also a Marian symbol) is depicted as clutched in the claws of the eagle (represents St. John the Baptist). The eagle, of course, is linked to Orkney's own history - specifically the Tomb of the Eagles. At the bottom is an illustration of the miracle at Cana when Christ turned water into wine.The stars around the frame (12 in total)are a further reference to the 'garland of St.Mary'
That's the story!
Added by Dave Dawson on 01 April 2011
Thank you very much indeed Mr Dawson. (As a small boy, I was actually treated by Dr Petrie. The medicine he prescribed tasted so vile I never forgot it, or him. But wonderful to think it's his 'stethie' and bag that are immortalised in this way.) I think you've covered all the symbolism except the jet-propelled pigeon diving to earth with a Rich Tea biscuit in its beak, but I'm happy to let my mind run free around it.
It was a pleasure to be asked to photograph these super windows 16 years ago. They aren't cheek-by-jowl in the kirk of course - a bit of photoshoppery was involved in the picture above.

Added by Ian Hourston on 05 April 2011
Well spotted! I overlooked the dove that is the symbol of the Holy Spirit - which is shown bearing a communion wafer as it descends.
On the other hand...given that Rich Tea biscuits are favourites of churches that serve tea/coffee after a service...no...it's a communion wafer.
Added by Dave Dawson on 06 April 2011
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