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Benjamin Stout Longhope lifeboat cox'n
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Benjamin Stout Longhope lifeboat cox'n

Benjamin Stout coxwain of the Longhope lifeboat 1874-1901. This is a copy, but the original that used to be mounted in the Brims lifeboat shed, is thought to have been taken around 1901.
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Picture added on 01 March 2011 at 19:41
I believe the Stouts in Orkney hailed from the Fair Isle do you have any "kenin" of your branch comming from there Fred. I have heard that the isle was unable to sustain its population at one time and a lot of people had to leave, mind you most places were to a lesser degree the same in days gone by. I understand a lot of people from Fair Isle found there way to stronsay and the Stronsay Stouts are indeed directly of Fair Isle extraction. Would I be correct in saying also the Williamsons??.
Please keep me right on this matter it is only my intent to open up the debate.
Added by John Budge on 02 March 2011
Yet another o' Harry Berry's works, great stuff.
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 02 March 2011
The 1851 census for Stronsay shows Williamsons, Irvines, Leslies,Eunsons and Stouts who had been born in Fair Isle, and probably moved there in the 1830s for work in the fishing industry.I would seem that the ancestors of Benjamin Stout had been in Orkney much earlier.
Added by Marlene Mainland on 02 March 2011
I'm told 3 Stouts came from Fair Isle. 1 went to Westray 1 to Longhope and the other to the mainland. My family come from the Longhope one. (so I'm told) Fred will know better.(skeletons in cupboards come to mind)
Added by William Watters on 02 March 2011
John,I don't know if the Brims Stouts were originally from the Fair Isle, but there is a good chance that this could be the case. As you say, a lot of the Fair Isle folk were forced to leave on several occasions and most of those that didn't emigrate, went to Westray or Stronsay.
Jimmy, that copy as far as I know was not done by Harry Berry. One of my Stout relatives, who lives in England, decided that he should have the original, so he took it home and replaced it with the above copy. I admit that the copy is probably better than the original, but in my opinion the original should be where it had hung since 1901, in the Brims lifeboat house.
Added by Fred Johnston on 03 March 2011
Hi John if you want info on Stouts try bayanne.info/Shetland my gggggf Thomas Stout 1700 seems to link with your family generation
Added by Erlend Stout on 04 March 2011
There's a good wee book john "Eight acres and a boat" which gives a good account of the Fair Isle families, the Eunsons, Irvines, Leslies, Stouts, Williamsons and Wilsons etc, it makes very interesting reading
Added by Nancy Charlton on 06 March 2011
Looks like Harry's signature bottom right?
Added by David Watters on 07 March 2011
Yes, Jimmy and David, you are correct. It was Harry Berry who copied the photo.
Added by Fred Johnston on 25 December 2012
Hi - does anybody have a copy of 'Eight acres and a boat' to sell? I am researching my Paternal Grandmothers family (STOUTS) and have read Fair Isle Ghosts and would love to read more about the families on Fair Isle
Added by Neil Owen on 25 June 2018
Hi I too am looking for 8 Acres and a Boat. Author Jerry Eunson 2007. To add to the research into my Father William Stout's family history
Many thanks for reading. Sue
Added by Sue Carran-Stout on 29 August 2018
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