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Maurice Russell and BS 1565
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Maurice Russell and BS 1565

Photo taken about 1959,Maurice Russell standing in front of Jock Russell's Ford 10hp.Jock had this car when he worked for W.R.Tullock in the 50s'.I remember Jock working in the bicycle shop at the Petrol Pumps,it was a very busy shop,he also drove Tullocks' Hire cars,I seem to remember two really big American cars in particular a Packard straight eight and a New Hudson straight eight among Ford v eights.I hope Davy Tullock sees this,and he may kindly give us some information on the ford 10hp.Added by Phil Brough.
Picture added on 26 November 2010 at 22:11
I mind Maurice fine he wiz jist aboot the strongest man I iver knew, Him and hiz work mates pit in a watter pipe fur hiz along wae the phone cable, nothing wiz any bother tae Maurice. I mind anither time he mended a burst hose on whur tractor wae self amalgamating tape wae selt the tractor years later still wae the mend on hid, Aye, he wiz a fine man indeed. Wae need men like Maurice around in whur lives tae mind hiz who tae live.
Added by John Budge on 27 November 2010
Hi Phil, I can't provide any information on the car shown as I am unable to trace it at present.I can however tell you about the American car we used to have on the hire fleet (school runs) You are correct when you called one a Hudson, I remember my father saying that because of the size of the flywheel you could engage 1st gear, let the engine idle and get out and walk alongside the car whilst it gently purred (gurgled) along the road.The registration number of this car was DUB1, the other car was a Humber Snipe its registration was BDG1 - Just imagine what these two numbers would be worth today.Both cars had full leather interiors with the Humber having cocktail tables/trays stored in the rear of the front seats whilst the Hudson had fold down seats in the rear of the front seat, which meant you could carry 3 up front inc driver and 6 in the rear - no seatbelts. Brilliant fun going for a run on a sunday in either of these beauties.
Added by David Tullock on 01 December 2010
Your right John a right fine chap, dad and Morris had many a laugh together when he came out to Longhope.
Added by Beryl Simpson on 02 December 2010
Thanks for the information and your time on this Davy. When I uploaded this Photo and info.on it, Margaret my wife who was a sister to Jock and Maurice, said I was wrong about the Packard and that the car was a Humber, She said,I can even tell you the number plates if you'd asked me! Jock used to take DUB1, home to Cannigal at night ready for the school runs in the mornings and he took Margaret and Maureen in with him and dropped them at the school. Margaret said,they did'na half think themselves something being let out of the grand big car!. Added by Phil Brough.
Added by Phil Brough. on 02 December 2010
Sammy Walls had a Packard diesel car around the late 50s winder if it was maybe the same car,maybe Jimmy Hamilton or Stewart might mind on the reg. Hid was a big lump o a thing I was only VERY VERY!! young at that time as you wid ken boys!!.
Added by John Budge on 03 December 2010
I think it was a conversion, the diesel engine that was in it was an old P6 perkins, well from memory anyway , long time ago noo.. but no memory of its reg. no.
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 04 December 2010
Sammy's car was not an Orkney Reg number, I think Angus took it home from sooth.
Added by Stewart Taylor on 04 December 2010
I mind Maurice fine too and yur right John he wis jist aboot the strongest man i ever kent asweel. Hivun kent him al me life I ken nutheen wis ever a bother tae him, even if his warst enemy hid been stuk am sure he wid hiv helped him. I never mind um spaykun ill o anybody, and i hiv enjoyed readun the comments so fer. It's a peetee thur wurna more men like him, Jock and thur yunger brother Tom aroond noo a days,t hen this country mite no be in the state it's in. Sadly Jock, Maurice and Tom wur teen fae is fer to soon.I hid huge respect and luv fur Maurice, in fact I wid say am probably a bit o an athority on hid, that's why am proud tae say he wis me fethur.
Added by Johnny Russell on 07 December 2010
I have a picture of my mother next to BS1565. She briefly nursed on orkney in the early 1950s (I believe...). Would the picture be of interest here?

[Please send it in Iain!- Steven]
Added by Iain Keiller on 28 November 2016
I sure a lot of us would enjoy seeing the photo.
Added by Beryl Simpson on 09 December 2016
Hi. Have just uploaded and assume admin will add the picture here in due course...

Added by Iain Keiller on 31 December 2016
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