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John Budge's grandparents
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John Budge's grandparents

The two photos are of wur grand parents on mithers side, the first ane shows them wae uncle Jim atween Grandads knees and uncle Stanley then Mary wur mither is the Baby. Uncle Donald was yet tae be born so photo must be around 1920

The suits the boys are wearing were made oot o flour bags by wur granny, she could do anything she wiz a lovly person known to all of us as Gaga.

[I though for man of your youth these pictures would have been in colour! - Steven]

Gaga was Barbra Sabiston Flotta born, Grandad wiz James Thomson born at Brough in South Ronaldsay.They moved fae Overhow in Flotta tae Burnhouse Longhope in 1924 .

The second photgraph would have been tean around 1959 no long before Grandad died. Gaga died in 1969.
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Picture added on 19 November 2009 at 19:37
My dad, Donald, was born in 1918 so picture must be earlier than the estimated date. I can't remember what year Mary was born but she looks to be a few months old so should be able to work it out from that.
Added by Ann on 28 November 2009
Jane Sabiston, my grandmother and Barbara Sabiston were sisters, I never heard of her being called Gaga before. I have heard me grandparents speaking aboot being in Longhope on a regatta day and going to see 'Bab' at Burnhoose.
Added by Brian. on 06 December 2009
There were four sisters Kittie, Mary, Jeannie, Bab ( my grandmother) and Robby. Kittie, Mary and Robby were unmarried, and Jeannie married Danial Rosie. Bab married James Thomson my Grandfather.
As far as I know that is how the family went untill ,someen, tells me otherwise.
Which is very possible!!.
Added by John Budge on 08 December 2009
Yah thats right John, I believe Robbie died young, somwhare in his 40's I think.
Jeest incase I wiz bein confusan, my grandmother known as Jeannie wiz actually Jane.
Added by Brian. on 09 December 2009
Jeannie or Jane actually married Thomas Rosie.
Added by Brian. on 10 December 2009
Hi, long shot here but my friend in Stirling has started researching her family tree, she has found her she has found a Mr and Mrs James and Euphan ? Budge and a grandson of theirs called James Thomson who died on North Cara in 1856. Can anyone help, and would North Cara be where the Ayre of Cara is now. Thanks for any help you can give
Added by Margaret Roy on 29 September 2017
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