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Kirkwall lifeboat, Grace Paterson Ritchie
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Kirkwall lifeboat, Grace Paterson Ritchie

KIrkwall's long serving lifeboat on her way to meet her replacement.

Any idea where she is now?
Picture added on 09 January 2006
It was sold to Iceland, renamed the "Henry A Halfdansson", and was the lifeboat in Reykjavik for a while. It was replaced in 2002 by another ex-RNLI boat, an Arun. Don't know what happened it after that.
Added by Laurence J.E. Tait on 11 January 2006
I bought this boat in reykjavik in 2002, renamed it "grace ritchie" and brought it back to the clyde where I am trying to restore it to its former glory after 14 years of hard use in iceland. It is now berthed at Largs marina. I hope to be able to return to Kirkwall with it some time soon.
The Arun that replaced it as the Reykjavik lifeboat was the ex-Lerwick boat "soldian".
Added by Iain Crosbie on 01 February 2006
Would love more information on boat's situation and condition now. Is she still at Largs?
Added by Ronald Paterson Ritchie on 05 June 2011
boat is in good over all condition, a lot of time and money has been spent on her. She can be seen if you go onto "Ships nostalgia" website and do a search of her there.
Added by John Webster on 12 June 2011
She was in Kirkwall a couple of years ago.
Added by Willie Watters on 14 June 2011
Ian brought her back to Orkney in 2009 - after he had taken part in "The Crossing" on the Caledonian Canal.

Ian was kind enough to let me join him and his crew on the trip from Inverness to Kirkwall where she was greeted by the present Kirkwall lifeboat.

She also visited Stromness and Longhope
Added by Steven Flett on 19 June 2011
Ronald (Paterson Ritchie), I'd be keen to hear from you if you are related to Grace, and yes, the boat is still at Largs (April 2012). I imagine you can contact me through this site if you like to get in touch.
Added by Iain Crosbie on 07 April 2012
As a small boy I came across the Grace Paterson Ritchie as she did trips round Millport bay at Glasgow fair sept week-end 1967 . My mother was President of the local lifeboat so it was a great plus as she was brand new. She anchored in the bay Sunday night and my father and I rowed out. The captain recognised me and we were invited aboard and had another tour. Where after I followed her days in the north of Scotland. A few years ago my friendtook me a tour inhis boat to Largs Marina and there she was Grace Paterson Ritchie. Tonight my friend sent me a picture of his new boat entering the water at Largs Marina. First thing I saw was the lifeboat. Our paths have crossed once again . Funny thing is I now live in Austria. She keeps popping up!!!
Added by John C Templeton on 22 July 2012
last week there was a boat named Grace Ritchie with an RNLI badge on it on the canal in Inverness

Added by C.macleod on 16 May 2014
The Grace Ritchie is tied up on the River Tay , Perth today, 22/10/2014 and has been in Perth for a short time
Added by William brown on 22 October 2014
The vessel is still moored in Perth harbour. Looked at her over the wall today.
Is she just overwintering in this very sheltered spot? I bet few people in Perth realise she is there or her history!
Added by Bill Petrie on 03 February 2015
Appears to have moved from Perth Mooring on River Tay three weeks ago approx.
Anyone any idea where she has been moved to?????
Added by Bill Brown, Aberdeen on 10 May 2015
Arbroath for slipping
Added by Iain Crosbie on 21 May 2015
The Grace Ritchie was seen in Eyemouth Harbour 0n the weekend 8th-9th August 2015
Added by George Benson on 10 August 2015
The Grace Ritchie is at present in Eyemouth Harbour Berwickshire where she is having some work done,inside the hull so not visible.A lovely looking boat but needs al little T L C.
11 August2015.
Added by Brian A Cook. on 11 August 2015
At Coastal Marine Eyemouth at the moment on the slipway getting a bow thruster fitted
Added by Lee Crawford on 20 August 2015
Boat is now in eyemouth
Added by Gary Fowler on 23 August 2015
Some pictures of the work done here:
LOTS of TLC now needed!
Added by Iain Crosbie on 31 August 2015
She was sailed from Eyemouth back to Perth approx 6th October 2015. She will probably winter there and it is hoped that she will be spruced up. Mechanically she is fine.
Added by Bob White on 27 October 2015
Berthed along side at Perth upper harbour, last Thursday 02/06/2016 I photographed her ,a truly gracious lady.
Added by Roy Williams secy cssc sailing Perth on 08 June 2016
For John Templeton, I have a photograph of GPR on her maiden voyage at Millport Pier with the crew and local dignitaries on the deck, and some children on the pier. Perhaps you are one of them?
Added by Iain Crosbie on 07 October 2016
The Grace Ritchie is back in Eyemouth Harbour seen today. The Maritime Museum do not know anything of her. The boatyard here is still alive and she may be back for more work, but I'm surmising here. She has an Icelandic emblem on her side.
Added by Nigel Sumerling on 12 October 2016
Would love to see the picture of Millport pier and the children. My Mother was at that time President of the RNLI in Millport.
Added by John C Templeton on 16 October 2016
Nigel, that is the crest of the Icelandic Lifesaving Society which I added while the vessel was in my ownership.
John, I will attempt to send you an email giving the location on the Ships Nostalgia website where you should find the photo, although I think it was cropped from the original which I think I will still have (somewhere!) and which I think had more of the people on the pier.
Added by Iain Crosbie on 16 October 2016
John, the email address that comes up when I highlight your name on here is no longer valid, so if you email me I can help you find the photo.
Added by Iain Crosbie on 16 October 2016
Sorry must have been a mis type apologies Ian Crosbie. Please try this [see below]
Added by John C Templeton on 17 October 2016
She is currently back at Eyemouth having a new steering system installed. Once installed she wil sail back to the west coast. So it is hoped there will be a weather window when the time comes. Mechanically she is fine
Added by Bob White on 18 October 2016
Seen on Canal at Inverness today.
Added by J Andrew Lunt on 06 December 2016
Grace is now moored in Oban Bay. It is hoped she will be wintered in Lochaline. Her hull was painted at the Crinnan Boatyard and a couple of other minor jobs were done. Her current owner states due to family circumstances he is unable to spend the time needed to keep her in the condition she deserves to be and invites any parties interested in keeping her going to contact him (through me) Mechanically she is excellent and although the originallity has been compromised by the addition of bow thrusters and automatic steering there is no doubt she is even more joyfull to take to sea
Added by Bob White on 02 August 2017
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