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Long Hope pier, post office and hotel
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Long Hope pier, post office and hotel

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Picture added on 21 November 2005
The white vessel alongside might be the Countess Cadogan I believe she traded within Scapa at one time.
Added by John Budge on 20 October 2007
Now that i think about it the boat was Countess of Cadogan, any comments?
Added by John Budge on 22 October 2007
1920 was a few years before my time but I remember the "Hoy Head" providing a service between Scapa pier and Longhope in the thirties. A memorable but sad day was when I led our pony Tibby to the Hoy Head to make up a matched pair of black ponies for the longhope hearse.
Added by Tom Scott on 24 October 2007
Recently I acquired a photo of the Countess Cadogan (the name is visible) but I haven't succeeded in uploading it to this site. William Isbister of Lurdy, Flotta, worked on this boat around the same time as my grandfather, Donald Sinclair, was on the Hoy Head (and that was from 1925 to 1936).
Added by Phyllis Gee on 25 October 2007
See picture #8603 for the photos of Countess Cadogan and Hoy Head that I couldn't upload!
Added by Phyllis Gee on 18 February 2008
Worked in the Longhope Hotel from 1969 to 1972 and Jimmy was a good boss, paid me £8 a week for 30 hrs - good pay away back then. He would say "the bar is no place for a woman" so I never got to do anything in that part of the building.
Added by Beryl Simpson on 03 June 2009
just found this super site and looking at the pics makes me dream of the good old times I had at home, lovely place to stay.
Added by Joe Nicholson Fae Brims on 08 November 2011
Your right Joe. If you go to the contributors button at the top you will see a few folk you know that have photo's on the site. Time slips by when you start browsing them all!
Added by Beryl Simpson on 10 November 2011
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