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Mystery house or croft

I am interested to find out more about this house/croft. I presume it is on the island of Sanday and the photograph would have been taken around 1954 when my parents took a trip to Sanday. If it helps, my great grandfather was Thomas Peace born 14 D...

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Mystery house or croft
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I'm delving into pictures that have been bulk uploaded in the past, that I've held back to avoid swamping you with images that are similar all at once. They don't show up in the thumbnails below, whic...
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Birthday creepieHeadstone of James Macgregor and daughter EthelSunday Divisions at HMS Sparrowhawk, March 1942Grant's Shop, St Catherine's PlaceCosta schoolMizpah broochHarray School picnicSunset over Kirkwall June 2016Staff of Kirkwall Post OfficeBefore the barriersShearers and GroundwatersRegalia 4/4Regalia 3/4Regalia 2/4Regalia 1/4Sheep in Burray 3/3Sheep in Burray 2/3Sheep in Burray 1/3Launch of Electric Mother Volume 1Launch of Electric Mother Volume 1Launch of Electric Mother Volume 1St Michael's, Harray  St Michael's, Harray  St Michael's, Harray  Something to contemplate...David Cromarty Thomson,Born 1874Groundwaters at Scorriedale 2Groundwaters at ScorriedaleLizzie Ann Thomson Smith (nee Wilson)Staff of Melsetter House c. 1946'Hamnavoe' 2016Annie Shearer Grayson, StronsayRosemary Topp and BS 1565KGS Primary 7 - 1957KGS Primary 4 - 1955KGS Primary 3 - 1954KGS Primary (Infants) 1 - 1952HMS Duncan over the HMS Hampshire wreckStenness Loch taken from Voy BraeNess of Brodgar from StennessBrig O'WaitheFrom Brinkies Brae, 1970Telephoto picture from Howe RoadKirkwall Viking Youth Club early 1960s?Sailing in StromnessMystery regatta trophy winnersMystery personAnnie Shearer Grayson, StronsayMystery ladiesMystery groupMystery personMystery workersSunrise from Whitehouse StromnessSunrise from Whitehouse StromnessOutside Astley Cottage, ShapinsayJames Robertson of Hunclett in RousayRobertson or Wood family?Frotoft school house, Rousay#7 Frotoft or Grips, RousayThe Coupers from StromnessOrkney Masons visit Shetland by planeUnveiling of Kirkwall and St Ola War MemorialWarriors' Day Kirkwall 1921Seaforth Highlanders outside KGS, 1917
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Robert Jarvie is also my great grandfather. Anoth...Is anyone related to Magnus Heddle ? Magnus Heddle...Far end of St Catherine's Place if walking towards... I THINK THIS IS A PICTURE OF THE KIRKWALL POST OF...View from the 'top' of the part of Brinkie's Brae ...K264 was named ErgoUsed to sail on the St Ola 11 in the. fifties as m...K324 Lizzie Jane owned by Robert Wylie & John Ande...I am hoping that this photo will help me to connec...My grandmother, Georgetta Flett, is standing third...Staff of Kirkwall Post Office (when it was in the ...My Mom told me about a MIZPAH brooch, her own or p...Will this be Rockworks Camp? I remember Metal Indu...The man standing to the left of Jack Foubister is ...Jon Moore would you please get in touch with me or...The Ship is ST MAGNUS 2 she was sold for scrap in ...Having found the old Mizpah brooch I'll submit a p...But can we be assured her name was JUNIATA Chris? ...Hi Vivienne, Wonder if you could kindly make a co...I will also be attending the 100th anniversary on ...The ship in the picture at the end of Kirkwall air...What happened to the blockships?The late Alan had a great sense of humour, and of ...Vive la Vie could also (and probably does) mean Lo...Ages ago, when I first went 'on the wards' as a me...Aren't my earrings just fabulous?My grandmothers maiden name was Arra Goodfellow Du...Beats drowning.Not a railing in sight. Wait till the wall is buil...I was second radio officer on the Salveda in 1949....The local newspapers have lots of photos of the Nu...Re dates - it is possible that they could be a yea...I will be attending the 100th anniversary on the 9...Could photos 28276-7-8 be an year later than state...Fourth from right second back row Kathleen Swanney...Forth from left second front row Kathleen Swanney ...second from right on second front row is Kathleen ...The gentleman on the second back row first from th...THe house on the corner is Anchor Cottage. THe for...I have "blown up" the picture and although still i...
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