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Prof. John William Cormack Gunn

This picture is from my Mum's 'archives'. Prof Gunn was a contemporary of my grandfather, James Groundwater; I understand that they were at KGS together This would be his graduation photograph so would have been taken in about 1910.

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Prof. John William Cormack Gunn
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I'm delving into pictures that have been bulk uploaded in the past, that I've held back to avoid swamping you with images that are similar all at once. They don't show up in the thumbnails below, whic...
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Hoy Primary SchoolStenness HotelMary Louttit1918. S.S. Relics from the building of the BarriersHoy from the Point of NessFinstown from WidefordKirbister School, Orphir, 1926Well-heeled mermaidJF GroundwaterSpence family, Lochend, StennessStenness Hotel c.1920Hammerfield, Wasbister, RousayNew PictureLossiemouth yachts in Weddell bayStraightened Kitchener MemorialJames KempBF901 Brilliant on the shore in StromnessGPO Lads on WidefordAccordian Club, KirkwallJohnnie Kemp and Lottie AndersonThe Cottage. KirkwallThe Anderson siblings, FinstownPeter Anderson Senior and Family, FinstownMystery person from Orphir?New PictureJohn and Margaret Scott, SandayOccidental oil construction siteOccidental oil construction siteMV Hoy Head at Longhope PierMV Watchful approaching Lyness PierThe Police Station and house, LonghopeOpposite the Police Station, LonghopePolice mini van and BN IslanderFlotta oil terminal under constructionSt Magnus leaving KirkwallNew PictureHolm Sailing Club Points RacingHandstand on chair- how it is doneWillie BewsGEORGE REID 1755-1859Yesnaby CastleSouth Aisle, St Magnus CathedralSkara BraeSun setting on becalmed yacht, 1930sThe Nave, St Magnus CathedralLinks House Birsay, 1930sKirkwall Basin
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I'm Harry Harvey the younger brother of John Harve...I remember the boat in Kirkwall basin but wouldn't...We always heard that our gr.grandfather Magnus Mow...My Grandfather was The Reverend Alexander William ...Think the teachers are Jacob Moar and Mary InksterHello Anne. How are you. Delighted to have found this photo today as I was ...Royal Naval Air Service Chief Petty Officer's red ...The National Archives also have information about ...You're right it was the late John Garrioch and his...I am Anne Harcus ,I now live in Yorkshire have don...Frank Coulshed, Ruth Coulshed.Hi Wendy, I have just found your message regarding...Sorry made an error on date. Probably 1874My sister, Elaine, in the back row eigth from the ...Thank you to Edmund for that information. It gives...Eddie Fraser rear dark jacket with Dougie Mackay w...It was Nurse Garrioch's eldest son John and his wi...My Granny was the Mrs Chalmers. Cockiness road, do...for the trip Germany to Australia arriving Melbou...Peter, I have some pictures of that trip please co...My March 2016 post re Henry Baxter Flett didn't ma...I have no problem if Martin Jamieson wants to cont...Dear Ann, after a very long time I have only now r...Huh, no sign of the gardener, (my grandfather)The North ness pier was a wartime ' meccanno ' pie...I remember them well when I spent my holidays at G...Thank you all for your comments.I think the lady on the right is Rena Seatter nee ...I have a name plate with edenmore carved in it. It...
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Fredrich de Grosse under towA little bit rough in BirsayScapa PierConstruction men at Shapinsay pierThe march of Temporary TescoMystery watercourseMartini AirfreightOrkney football team, 1930New PicturePeedie Sea in the balmy days of NovemberSwonaPossibly taken in either N. Ronaldsay or Stronsay